MNEmerge research area found important in a conference in Mexico

MNEmerge project was presented at the Honorable Merchant in International Marketing conference (2014 AMA Annual Conference – Global Marketing Special Interest Group) in Mexico in April 2014. The conference included a specific workshop the Impact of MNEs on Global Development Challenges dedicated to the theme of the MNEmerge project. The workshop was led by Dr. Suraksha Gupta from Brunel University.

The participants of the workshop recognised the research area of MNEmerge to be very important and contemporary for international trade, particularly from the multinational enterprises’ point of view. Dr. Gupta’s presentation engaged the audience into discussions about topics that are very relevant to the MNEmerge project. For instance, corruption was raised as an important additional issue that could be addressed by the project. Furthermore, the importance of creating awareness of the activities of MNEs among the poorest population group was brought up by the participants of the workshop. It was recognised that although the poorest population group is well versed in and well informed about the products offered by MNEs and the usage of these products, it is still not known how media can be used to make this population vigilant about the activities of MNEs. As MNEs are reluctant to spend their marketing budgets on creating awareness of people about policing their activities, who is going to work towards creating this kind of awareness?

For more information, please contact Dr. Suraksha Gupta, suraksha.gupta (at) brunel (dot) ac (dot) uk.