MNEmerge workshop at the University of Delhi

MNEmerge dissemination workshop was held at the Department of Commerce, the  University of Delhi, India on Monday the 22nd of February, 2016. The event was attended by 30 participants who were a mix of students and faculty members of the department.

India workshop February 2016

Discussion during the event triggered many important issues, such as the effects of WTO and organisational interests apart from issues faced by customers from the base of the pyramid (BOP) segment and responsibilities of multinational firms towards serving a segment that has a potential to buy its products. The students that took part in the workshop felt that multinationals have an obligation towards the BOP segment and MNEs should modify their products, packaging and pricing as per the needs of the BOP segment. Simultaneously, students emphasised the need for governments to play an active role in monitoring activities of MNEs and local firms.