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How To Take Blink Camera Off Mount

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To take a Blink camera off its mount, gently slide the camera upwards and away from the mounting bracket. Have you ever wondered how to remove a Blink camera from its mount?

Well, you’re in luck! We will guide you through the simple process of taking a Blink camera off its mount. Blink cameras are known for their easy installation, and removing them is just as quick and hassle-free. Whether you need to relocate your camera or simply want to temporarily detach it, this guide will provide you with the necessary steps to do so.

So, without further ado, let’s get started and learn how to take a Blink camera off its mount.

How To Take Blink Camera Off Mount

Preparing For Camera Removal

Looking to remove your Blink camera? Follow our simple step-by-step guide for taking your camera off its mount hassle-free.

Gathering The Necessary Tools And Equipment:

  • Before removing your Blink camera from its mount, it is essential to gather the following tools and equipment to ensure a smooth process:
  • Screwdriver: You will need a screwdriver that matches the size of the screws used to secure the mounting bracket.
  • Ladder or Step Stool: Find a stable ladder or step stool that allows you to comfortably reach the camera and its mounting bracket.
  • Optional: Gloves and Safety Goggles: It’s always a good idea to protect your hands and eyes during any DIY project.

Powering Off The Blink Camera:

  • To avoid any electrical mishaps or interference during the removal process, it is important to power off the Blink camera:
  • Locate the power source or the batteries powering the camera and switch it off. If you are uncertain about the power source, remove the batteries from the camera to ensure it is completely powered off.

Locating The Mounting Bracket And Screws:

  • The next step involves locating the mounting bracket and screws that secure the Blink camera to its mount:
  • Examine the area around the camera to find the mounting bracket. It is usually positioned near the camera body and might vary in shape and design depending on the Blink camera model.
  • Identify the screws that hold the mounting bracket in place. These screws are what you’ll need to remove to detach the camera from its mount.

Ensuring A Stable Ladder Or Step Stool Is Available:

  • Safety is of utmost importance when dealing with any task requiring elevated access. Here’s how to ensure a stable ladder or step stool is available:
  • Check the stability of the ladder or step stool before use. Ensure it is in good condition, with all the legs firmly placed on the ground or surface.
  • Position the ladder or step stool close to the location of the camera, making sure it provides a secure and comfortable platform to reach the camera and its mounting bracket.

By following these instructions, you’ll be well-prepared for the camera removal process. Remember to gather the necessary tools, power off the Blink camera, locate the mounting bracket and screws, and ensure a stable ladder or step stool. Taking these steps will help ensure a safe and successful removal experience.

How To Take Blink Camera Off Mount

Removing The Blink Camera

Learn how to easily remove your Blink camera from its mount using these simple steps. With clear instructions and minimal hassle, you’ll have your camera off the mount in no time for convenient relocation or maintenance.

Removing your Blink camera from its mount may seem like a daunting task at first, but with a little guidance, it can be done smoothly and efficiently. In this section, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of safely detaching your Blink camera from the mounting bracket and placing it in a secure location.

Loosen The Mounting Bracket Screws:

  • Begin by locating the mounting bracket screws that secure the Blink camera in place.
  • Using a screwdriver or the appropriate tool, gently loosen the screws without fully removing them.
  • This will allow you to easily detach the camera from the bracket once it’s loose enough.

Carefully Detach The Blink Camera From The Bracket:

  • Once the screws are loosened, gently slide the camera out of the mounting bracket.
  • Take care not to force or twist the camera too forcefully, as this may cause damage to the device.
  • Gradually move the camera until it is completely detached from the bracket.

Safely Disconnect Any Wires Or Cables:

  • If your Blink camera is wired or connected to a power source, it is important to disconnect it properly.
  • Check for any cables or wires attached to the camera and locate the appropriate connectors.
  • Gently detach the cables, making sure to avoid pulling on them forcefully to prevent any damage.

Place The Camera In A Secure Location:

  • Once the Blink camera is detached and any wires are disconnected, find a secure location to store it temporarily.
  • Choose a spot away from any potential hazards or obstructions that may damage or interfere with the device.
  • Make sure the location provides ample protection from dust, moisture, or extreme temperatures.

Remember, removing your Blink camera from its mount requires patience and a gentle touch. By following these steps, you can easily detach the camera without causing any harm.

Reinstalling The Blink Camera

To reinstall the Blink Camera, follow these simple steps to safely remove it from its mount. With a few easy adjustments, you can have your camera functioning properly again in no time.

After taking the Blink camera off its mount, you may need to reinstall it for various reasons. Whether you are repositioning the camera or simply readjusting it, here are the steps to follow:

How To Take Blink Camera Off Mount

Securely Mount The Bracket:

  • Ensure you have selected the desired location for mounting the camera.
  • Use the screws provided to attach the bracket securely to the chosen surface.
  • Double-check that the bracket is stable and will not wobble or shift once the camera is connected.

Connect The Camera To The Bracket:

  • Align the camera’s mounting screw holes with the bracket’s corresponding holes.
  • Gently slide the camera onto the bracket until it securely fits into place.

Tightly Fasten The Screws:

  • Use the appropriate screwdriver to tighten the screws, ensuring they are securely fastened.
  • Avoid over-tightening, as it may damage the camera or bracket.

Power On The Blink Camera:

  • Connect the power adapter to the camera if it is not already connected.
  • Plug the adapter into a power outlet, ensuring a stable power supply.

Test The Camera’s Functionality:

  • Wait a few moments for the camera to power on completely.
  • Use the Blink app or web portal to check if the camera is properly connected and functioning.
  • Verify that the camera captures clear video footage and responds to commands.

Remember, properly reinstalling your Blink camera is crucial for its optimal performance. By following these steps, you can ensure a secure and reliable connection between the camera and its mount.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Take Blink Camera Off Mount

How Do I Hide My Blink Mini Camera?

To hide your Blink Mini camera, consider placing it behind objects, such as furniture or plants, or use a camera cover for added privacy.

How Do I Remove My Blink Camera From Its Mount?

To remove your Blink camera from its mount, simply twist it counterclockwise until it comes loose. Carefully disconnect the power cable and detach the camera from the mount. Make sure to handle it with care to avoid any damage.

Can I Reuse The Mount After Removing The Blink Camera?

How To Take Blink Camera Off Mount

Yes, you can reuse the mount after removing the Blink camera. The mount is designed to be durable and versatile, allowing you to easily attach and detach cameras as needed. Simply follow the same installation process to reuse the mount for another camera.

Are There Any Precautions I Should Take While Removing The Camera From The Mount?

Yes, there are a few precautions to keep in mind. Ensure that the camera is powered off before attempting to remove it. Be gentle and avoid applying excessive force while twisting the camera counterclockwise. Additionally, make sure the camera is disconnected from any power source before detaching it from the mount.


To summarize, removing a Blink camera from its mount is a relatively simple task that can be done in just a few steps. By following the instructions in this blog post, you can easily detach your camera from its mount and relocate it whenever necessary.

Start by locating the mounting bracket, then use a screwdriver to loosen the screws. Once the screws are loose, gently slide the camera off the mount. Remember to disconnect any cords or cables before removing the camera completely. Taking these steps will ensure a seamless removal process without causing any damage to the camera or the mount.

Whether you’re changing the camera’s position, accessing the batteries, or relocating it to a new location, these instructions will help you successfully take a Blink camera off its mount. Happy camera maneuvering!



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